How to Turn Your Android Smartphone into a Personal Trainer

By on July 31, 2015

personal trainer app

When we used to have the primitive types of telephones with very little capabilities, no one had thought that one day our phoning need would take us to such heights of communication technology and would let us do things that weren’t even imaginable at that time.

Owning a telephone in these days means you have a gadget with lots of capabilities. When it comes to explore a smartphone, you know how great features it comes with. Not only it works like a telephone with all the rich features or capabilities, but it also works like an audio and video recorder and player, with a camera with most of the essential functions, gives clear access to the internet, and does many more things that certainly deserve great appreciation. Now, if you are told that your smartphone can work like your personal trainer, you shouldn’t be surprised since you have with you a device that is developed with very advanced technology, and it has the capability to do many things that we routinely do.

You can get into shape with the help of your Android powered smartphone. Of course, the variety of equipment and workout types that one can get at a gym have their own importance, but if you are able to pick the right Android apps and got the determination to go on, you are sure to get great workout benefits. The first thing you have to do is to download an application that helps you do the job comfortably. You can get both paid and free apps. While the paid ones may come with more advanced features, some free stuff also has proven its worth. Let’s take a brief look on some of the paid and free apps.

A free and much popular personal trainer which helps you get motivated to shed the extra pounds that have got accumulated on your body. It counts ‘incoming and outgoing’ calories once you set your personal calorie goal for the day. It keeps an eye on whatever you eat.

Endomondo Sports Tracker
A free application for your Android smartphone that, as the name suggests, tracks all the pertinent details of the workout you do, like cycling, running, playing tennis, swimming, walking, or even of your fitness classes. It tracks your personal statistics for the duration of the workout, speed, travelling distance, and calories that you burn during such an act. It keeps all the data in your profile on its website,

Diet Assistant
As the name suggests, it makes you lose weight in a convenient or desirable way. This application is a free stuff as well. You can plan your weekly meals and keep track of the calories you consume and burn. It comes with a handy calculator and progress chart. It works like a personal dietician, and keeps helping you to eat healthily. It gives you diet tips, helps you plan a healthy meal, and offers you many healthy recipes.

Available both as free and paid version, FitSync works like a general fitness tracker. It keeps track of your workout progress, suggests exercises for the day, and keeps tracks of all such activities by giving you a mobile and web interface. It is like your Android gym. You can log your workouts, set up a schedule, download new exercises, and can do much more.

You have to buy this fitness application from its respective site. Those who have used it found it as one of the most essential part of an exercise regimen. You can closely monitor your heart rate and burn calories comfortably. This Android smartphone application meets the standards projected for an effective cardio watch program.

There are bundles of fitness, health watch, and diet advisors applications available online. Just look for those that have some reputation and seem to offer you the best. Buy them or download the free versions and avail the benefits of owning an Android smartphone.