How to Make Phone Calls on Android Tablet

By on June 2, 2015

Android Tablet

If you own an Android tablet or Nexus 7, you can call and receive phone calls by using your Google Voice number. Yes, you can make the tablet good for both incoming and outgoing calls but you require root access to make the necessary changes in the related files. It is simply like tricking the tablet or Nexus 7 to make it voice capable and therefore allow the voice dialer application to function like a normal phone by availing Google Voice facility.

To enable phone receiving and calling facility on Nexus 7 or Android tablet, you have two options, one manual and the other automatic. Of course, the manual one isn’t an easy stuff to handle and you need to have real good knowledge of the Android operating system. Actually, the manual method is more suitable for the professionals or those who have enough knowledge to do things so deeply. Manual method is considered the best one, but it is the most difficult one as well.

In order to root the Google Nexus 7, you have to set up the call number and routing through CSipSimple, or XDA (bongostl) for instance; incoming calls are handled by the application. You have to act like a hacker in order to get the things done the way you like. It is not short like hacking your own tablet to do a job, handling phone calls. For full instructions, you may visit XDA forum. If you are able to understand and follow the instructions there, you won’t need anything else to make your phone call on your tablet.

Alternately, you have to go for the automatic hacking of your tablet. For this, you need the right application, GrooVe IP, which is an Android application for connecting Google Voice by using Voice over IP (VoIP). If you live in the US or Canada, you can save your voice minutes as you can make unlimited free calls within these areas.

The good thing with GrooVe IP is the possibility of this application to work on any Android tablet or phone, and it comfortably allows you to make calls by using WiFi or mobile data connection. Smartphone with Wi-Fi connection can easily handle this task as you can convert it into a full-featured phone, and this can result in free calls without you needing a mobile plan.

GrooVe IP has a dialer that lets you call, add contacts, use features of the native dialer, call-log, and many other favorite functions can be shared between the application and phone on a call by call basis. However, your Google Voice should be connected either to Google apps or Gmail account. Do not forget that you can receive incoming calls only if you go into your Google Voice account and enable it to forward incoming call to Google chat.

Making calls on Android tablet can become a possibility if you are able to use the relevant application properly. First you have to do some homework in order to understand the instructions and then utilize them to benefit from the application. Try it, and avail the phone calls facility your tablet has kept for you.