Three Questions We Have of the Spice Stellar

By on June 9, 2015


The Spice Stellar will soon be launched in India, which means it will be launched in other emerging countries pretty soon. Spice, and its products are a very good example of how the Android operating system has made superstars out of mobile manufacturers who would not have had the money to invest in a better operating system that what is running in the market at the moment. With the Android, these companies could launch me too mobile phones, and while some have survived and succeeded, some have not tasted as much success as they would have wanted.
Will there be basic issues like the phone hanging while trying to call?
The first Spice phone that had an Android, was the M 225, which was a dual sim phone along with being run on an Android operating system. The phone was quite cheap, even by Indian market standards, and stood a chance to seriously bring the market crashing down. However, the phone had so many issues and glitches that people soon started selling them in the secondary market to get another phone. We hope that the new phones that the Spice company have come up with do not have that issue. After all, who wouldn’t love some more competition in this competitive market?
How will be the Build Quality?
It is true, unless you are buying a very high end phone, the build quality of the Android phone is not the best. Most of the phones are made of plastic, and you never know how thin the battery cover is, because you remove it only five times or more in your lifetime. The Spice Android phone had a very bad build quality, and we thought that if we did not close the battery cover soon, we might have to buy a new body almost immediately.
Will the Applications be Compatible?
We came across some apps that were not compatible with the older Spice, even though the App market said that they were compatible. Even when they were compatible, the screen quality and make was quite abysmal, which did not allow us to have real fun with the cell phone. Therefore, we hope that this time the applications are not just compatible, but that the phone is good enough to run these applications in the best way possible.
How will be the support?
In India, the Spice support can be described in one word – non-existent. When we had the phone and it was not giving us the kind of experience we wanted, we tried to contact the support system for the phone. While companies like Samsung have a single window replacement theory, we were quite amused to find that Spice had little or no support system in India. The official website gave us numbers and addresses of customer care centers which were simply unreachable or wrong numbers. And we did not know what to do with the phone that we had, because India is not a country where you can just go back to the shop you got the product from and return it to them.
These are just some of the questions we have for the Spice Stellar and the company in general. If you wonder what we did with the phone that we had, we finally sold it at half price and upgraded to the Samsung Fit, a phone that has been giving us awesome performance right from day one.
Whether we are happy with the Samsung Fit or not is something that will be taken up in another article. So, make it a point to return to this blog soon!