Samsung Galaxy S3 leak rumors

By on July 14, 2015


The last month has witnessed innumerable rumors and gossips about the Samsung’s future flagship Smartphone- Samsung Galaxy S3. However, it has been just a few days back when we got official news about the Samsung Galaxy S3. At present, we cannot confirm the name of the phone, or its features. However, we do know that this Samsung Galaxy S2’s successor would see light on May 3, in London, UK. We sense more rumors surfacing until the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Rumors about Samsung’s new super-phone are not difficult to find. We managed to tap some of these rumors. While none of these can be said to be official news, these do come from trustworthy sources. Hence, it would be worth discussing some of these rumors. It is almost known that the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S3 would not be the only event to take place on May3. From what we know, Samsung may hold similar events in New York City, Seoul and Dubai simultaneously. That would be worth seeing, isn’t it?

BGR, one of the most popular platforms for news, rumors, leaks and reviews of new and forthcoming electronic devices, have confirmed that there seems to be a connection between Samsung’s future flagship Smartphone and 2012 Summer Olympics. Who knows if this device becomes the official device of the London Olympics? The very fact that the unveiling event is being held in London gives credibility to this statement from BGR.

The design and looks of the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be the gossip these days. BGR, again, offers three fresh unconfirmed pieces of information. It says that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be available in two colors- blue-black combo, and a white avatar. Another rumor says that this smartphone would don a ceramic and brushed metal case. This could be an attempt to make the phone look entirely different from Apple’s iPhone designs. Again, the S3 featuring a brushed metal case is the least credible rumor. We believe it is solely an assumption that may have been born out of the London event invitations.

Another trusted source revealed to BGR that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would carry a physical home button below the display. It also says that there would be no on-screen navigation buttons (as in the Ice Cream Sandwich) on the Samsung Galaxy S3. This seems pretty evident from the fact that there were reports from Korea that the interface of the S3 would be similar to that of the 5-column layout available on Galaxy Note.

These rumors do spice up our imagination. The day an official picture of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is revealed, we would know if these rumors have any truth. Until then, we can just use your imagination and paint a picture of this beast from Sammy. After all, a release from Samsung is worth the wait. We are waiting for May3. What about you?