Intel CEO Hints at the ‘Launch’ of First Atom-based Phone As Early as This Week

By on October 16, 2015


Intel has been trying hard since years to come up with a processor to match ARM. Its earlier mobile Atom CPUs were power hungry and just could not compete with ARM. As a result, Samsung and Apple have gained dominance in the smartphone and tablets market. Never one to give up, Intel has been hard at work and Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel, is reported to have revealed that the first phones carrying Intel’s processors would start shipping this week but which phone it will be we do not know. The buzz is it may be the Lenovo K800 or the Orange Santa Clara, or probably the Lava Xolo X900 that will carry the Intel chip. Intel has successfully developed the Atom Z2460, 1.6 GHz chip on the low power Medfield platform that matches the ARM in terms of speed and power consumption — major considerations for mobile makers.

In an interview to Wired, Jeff Ross, Director of Intel’s Marketing for Mobile and Communications Group has stated that Intel has a very competitive product that offers performance and energy efficiency and that it leads in certain areas. “We’re
really trying to win one customer, with one product at a time,” he said.

The Intel Medfield-powered K800 will run Android 4.0 with a 4.5 inch 720p display. The Orange Santa Clara and the Lava Xolo X900 will likely run Android 2.3 and have smaller 4 inch 600×1024, 600p screens. However, all three will have 8 MP cameras with 10 frames/second burst shooting capability. Medfield has performance comparable to ARM and superior in web browsing with Intel’s inherent strength in JavaScript to the fore. It also has better performance in video capture and camera. Intel has also put in efforts to make the chip work better with Android. It does, however, face competition with Samsung into Exynos and Apple using its A5 chips and the ARM chips –all multicore processors.