RIM To Ban BlackBerry PlayBook Owners from Sideloading Android Apps

By on August 29, 2015


Reasearch In Motion has decided to go for quality over quantity and soon stop BlackBerry PlayBook owners from sideloading Android apps on their tablets. The reason for the decision lies in Android developers having to grapple with piracy issues and concerns pertaining to apps being published right, left and center, many without the developer’s consent. Taking a dig at Google, RIM VP Alec Saunders even referred to the former’s Android app store as a “chaotic cesspool.” Ouch!

That comparison, although scathing, brings to mind the need for Google to try and bring some sense to the madness in its app world after all. There is no denying the Play Store has an impressive list of quality apps, but what about the multitude of poorly-developed apps that often pop up while users search for apps of their desire? With this move, RIM has reminded Google it’s important to guard its app ecosystem with emphasis on quality apps, even if that means lesser number of apps to flaunt.

RIM’s latest move is clearly aimed at significantly cutting down unofficially-ported apps to the PlayBook and ensuring Playbook owners are served nothing but apps that have been duly tested and certified by developers as well as RIM.