Looking Ahead: Larry Page Releases Update on Google’s activities for 2012

By on June 23, 2015


Android is spreading like wildfire, if figures are anything to go by. Larry Page, CEO of Google, released a formal update for all of Google’s activities for 2012 and was understandably exhilarated by the figures. 850000 devices activated daily through 55 manufacturers and 300 carriers on the Android platform is no mean figure and the numbers are only bound to increase. There are over 300 million devices running Android. On the apps front, there are over 450000 apps available and reported figures of 1 billion apps downloads each month. Astonishing? Well, there’s no denying, Android is evolving constantly and its recent iteration, Ice Cream Sandwich, brings beauty to the interface and enhanced functionalities to boot with seamless integration across smartphones and tablets.

Android lets users do a whole lot with their devices from a simple search to turning a phone into a wallet, storing information and presenting it easily anywhere and everywhere in a way that desktops may and can never hope to do. Gmail and Google Docs integration gives a further boost to Android devices in this direction and Google Chrome only takes a step further. That opens up gateways to Google Play, movies, books, apps and games, all from the handheld Android based device. No pains of wires, downloading or syncing with everything delivered over the air.

Rounding off the presentation, Page seemed equally fired up about the recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility and the vistas this opens up for Google to build on the technological expertise of Motorola DNA spliced with that of Android leading to a chromosomal evolution at a higher scale. It seems one just can’t wait for the future to be here today.