Life360 Family Locator To Have Car Integration, Home Automation Services

By on August 1, 2015


The CTIA is underway and Life360 Family Locator has announced car integration and home automation services in its app. Life 360 is focused on family security and those with children will appreciate this feature packed app. This app is already popular with over 15 million people. A group messenger called FamilyChannel is included in the app permitting group chats. Now it is easy to keep track of family members’ locations and also know the safety points and threats in their vicinity through Life360. FamilyChannel also allows private and secure group chat. Life360 allows you to send notes, email or SMS too.

Life360 played a hugely important role in the wake of the Japanese Tsunami in March 2011 and in the aftermath of the floods and tornadoes that devastated parts of the US in May 2011. Families reconnected and got together thanks to Life360 Family Locator. The in-car integration and home automation should take Life360 to a new level of user friendliness and functionality.

Car integration will permit users to see a car on the map, know the fuel level, check out vehicle diagnostics and a 24×7 emergency assistance connection facility through a tap on the screen. With home integration, one can view the home security systems displayed on the screen. One can even check the temperature at home and remotely control the thermostat with Life360. Then you can remotely control the security camera at home and see what is going on. This is what one can expect from Life360 in about six months’ time according to their preview/demo at the CTIA.