National Rail Enquiries App For Android Chugs Into Google Play Store

By on September 18, 2015

UK National Rail

UK dwellers will love the Rail Enquiries App launched by UK National Rail on Google Play Store for Android devices. One could inquire about rail timings but it was a haphazard collection of apps. National Rail consolidated all these into one easy-to-use, free, comprehensive app. Agant led with its UK Train Times app but has forced to change its icon by National Rail. Users can plan journeys using the app. It lets users have offline access to arrival and departure times of trains.

The app even lets users set an alarm for their chosen train, 30 minutes before that train leaves and a 5-minute reminder to let them know about arrival at a destination. Great for all android mobile users in the UK who can now refer rail timings so conveniently. Even greater for those who want to nap and be woken just 5 minutes before the train steams into the station.

The Rail Enquiries app is meant for overground trains in England, Wales and Scotland, gives users the facility to track trains in real time and find out if there are any delays. Set your options and receive push notifications on selected trains. The app is free but is ad-supported.