Updated Twitter for Android, iOS Apps Comes with Search & Notification

By on June 8, 2015


Twitter has just updated its Android and iOS applications and spruced up its looks for a more streamlined and smooth experience. Various teams at Twitter reportedly collaborated with Android, iOS, Discover, Search and others to come up with these updates. Here’s what the coming together of heads resulted in:

* The mobile looks are now more in line with the web interface, featuring buttons that offer connect, discover and homepage links. The discover tab, for instance, lets users find relevant content in line with their interests. This button also allows uses to review activity and to see retweeted tweets or tweets marked as favorites by people you follow.

* Users can see if the people they follow have added any new people to their list.

* The activities button is displayed below the redesigned stories in discover. Tap any story to view a news article or a trend. It is now easier than ever to join the conversation, reply or retweet or mark these tweets as favorites.

* Search has been simplified for iOS and Android users. An autocomplete feature automatically lists out the names of people whose initial name, last name or user name is typed in under the connect tab. Users can also see a list of their recent searches displayed on screen. You can now navigate directly to the profile of a person you search under the connect tab.

* The mod changes the way Twitter notifies users about people connecting with users. Twitter has incorporated push notifications to let users know immediately should anyone retweet, favorite or follow that user. Push notifications can be further customized to receive only selected alerts.

* TweetDeck has also received its share of updates. Twitter acquired TweetDeck (then Tweetie) last year and includes the connect and discover functions of Twitter. The acquisition helped Twitter extend its web services to the desktop and mobile platforms. The mobile part is derived from Tweetie.

Twitter is available for download from Google Play and iOS App Store.