Latest Facebook for Android Introduces Camera & Messenger in the App Tray

By on October 12, 2015


In the wake of Instagram’s launch on the Android platform and Facebook splurging a billion on its acquisition comes the news that Facebook has released an update for its Android app. The update brings joy to Facebook users who can now tap direct links on the homescreen to Facebook Messenger and Camera sharing.

Users can plunge in directly to the photo sharing interface of Facebook. Instead of four taps, tap once to get there. The Messenger feature on the Android platform is now at the same level as the standalone Facebook Messenger app showing online status, group conversation improvements and sorting of contacts. The updated Facebook 1.9 for Android is available on Google Play (link:

The Camera link is also being looked at as the first step towards integrating Instagram into Facebook. Available since long on the iOS platform, Instagram launched its Android version early this month.