Digital Hive Live Wallpaper for Android on Google Playstore for only $0.99

By on April 17, 2015


The pace at which the senses are being inundated by new visual and aural apps, there may come a time when Android users will live for the new highs a new app generates. Live wallpapers for Android have reached a new level of enhancement. With hardware like Tegra 3 processors becoming common, developers will extract all the juice they can.

Digital Hive Live Wallpaper is a unique interactive background that allows users to set color temperatures to suit their moods. One such mesmerizingly tantalizing wall paper displays a 3D grid of glowing pulsing hexagons that seem to have a life of their own. Users need not stare at the wall paper passively and admire it. Now, they can select any color and then play with the hexagons, teasing them around. The app costs only $ 0.99 in Google’s Play Store.

Background software has been enhanced and now factors in improved specs of today’s smartphones like pots of RAM and faster processors and hi-res displays. Don’t ask me if they yowl if you pinch the screen.

If you are thinking of downloading it take note: It won’t do to use the android stock browser to download the app as it will show an error. First you will have to download Firefox for Androrid or download the app using your PC.