Five Android Apps Soaring the Popularity Charts

By on September 29, 2015


The Android market is being inundated with a steady stream of apps. Here are a few choice apps you could download and try.

Gun Man Clive at $0.99 by Chris Parsons

Fans of old school games will like Gun Man Clive with its retro styled platform with a 3D twist. The game has 16 levels in the old west gun shoot out genre with matching visual style.

Pocket (Free version) by Anndrew Vacca

Pocket is a handy app to help users store vital information like credit card number, bank account, insurance ID and passwords in a safe and secure way with a master password and AES-256 certification. Users can synchronize with Dropbox automatically with encryption. A useful and convenient app to have.

Sean Brunnet’s Game of Thrones Companion at $ 3.99

Game of Thrones on HBO and A Song of Ice and Fire were a hit. This companion app, Games of Thrones Companion serves as a reference allowing users to look up a character, place or theme from the books and learn more. It is useful while watching the show, especially for those who have not read the book. A quite useful feature is that the app asks how far you have read the book or know and it will block that part. Users explore characters, houses, maps, places and religions in a nicely designed package.

SwiftKey 3 Beta Free Version by Alex Dobie

Start using Swiftkey 3 Beta as your keyboard and you will get so used to it you won’t be able to do without it. Swiftkey grows on you with its helpful features. It scans e-mails, text messages and social posts to develop an idea of a user’s writing style that is used predictively to correct typing. It is one of the fastest and most accurate Android keyboards. The Swiftkey 3 Beta version goes a step further and corrects mis-spellings involving multiple words. A must have.

Enjoy England (for Free) By Richard Devine

The free to download app contains up to the minute information on all points of tourist attraction in England along with background information and directions via Google Map. Go a step further and phone the attraction and use the phone’s current location to find places of interest in the neighborhood. Explore with Enjoy England, especially useful if you plan to visit England for the Olympics 2012.