Every Night Before Going To Bed, Drink This Mixture and Get Your Flat Stomach

By on November 19, 2016

Weight problems happen to be very common among almost every person. Almost everyone has to deal with this problem.

The organs in the body responsible for cleaning are kidneys, lungs, liver, colon but sometimes additional factors prevent them from proper cleaning which further leads to fat accumulation. Probably the most difficult area for losing fat is abdominal area. And if you do not have time for practicing exercises you can try this simple solution and I guarantee you will get rid of accumulated fat in no time.

Main cause for gathering weight is unhealthy way of life. This means eating fast and junk food and not having time for simple exercising or walking.

powerful recipe is consisted of simple ingredients like cucumber, parsley, lemon etc. Proper amount and the right combination of the following ingredients will provide you super recipe for fast losing weight.

What you will need:

1/3 cup of water

A small piece of ginger root

A punch of parsley

1 cucumber

Half lemon


Peel the cucumber and the ginger root before placing into blender, add chopped parsley. Mix until you get homogenous mixture. At the end add the water and lemon juice, you can sweeten the drink with honey or stevia if you like.


Drink the liquid every night before going to bed and the results will be visible only in few weeks.